Last Night: Boomkat at LIV

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
LIV, Miami Beach

Worse Than: Taryn Manning's supporting role in Britney Spears' Crossroads. Seriously.

It's hard to believe that an actress like Taryn Manning left her growing silver screen resume in Hollywood to pursue her dream of being a hot shot electro vocalist. Perhaps, the crafters over at Dirty Hairy Wednesdays had an off night? Resident DJs Contra -- who's fresh off tour with Santigold -- and Danny Daze took a break around 1 a.m.  for Bookmat, a most unimpressive two-piece consisting of Manning and her seemingly aspiring brother Kellin. To say the least - which again, is not saying much - the duo was a mere embarrassment to the Dirty stage, where notables like Diplo, Beacher's Madhouse, Flosstradamus and Holy Ghost! have recently covered the decks with filth.  

Treating a halfheartedly anxious crowd to three tracks, while promoting new release A Million Trillion Stars, the Manning team certainly had the attention of the crowd, without much more than D-list celeb appeal. Looking sassy in her couture lace dress, Taryn worked a sour mic while Kellin did his best to man the ones and twos. The three tracks (which can't be bothered to be deciphered) melded into a boring 10-minute mash that left quite the stanky aftertaste. 

Soon after the Mannings bid adieu to a crowd that was more interested in the next round at the bar, Contra and Danny Daze saved the day. Thank the lord for surprise guest Brisco, A.K.A. the Opa Locka Goon, who took to the stage to revive the crowd. Following a Khaled-like intro, Brisco added a heartbeat to the dying sea of scenesters with animated reprises of "Bitch I'm Me" and "Just Know That." Wow. Brisco, never thought we'd thank you for that.

Bottom line: We know you guys tried, but Dirty Hairy posse, we'd rather dance to an inspired Brisco playlist consisting of Uncle Al, Kriss Kross, The Boss and 'ol L.L. any day. Contra and Danny Daze, your CPR of hip-hop mash brought LIV back to life last night. Mazel Tov.