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Jacuzzi Boys Make Buddyhead's "Best and Worst Records of 2009"

​...They made the "best" list, don't worry. While these days Buddyhead may not carry the same clout as Pfork or Stereogum, it's a major-ish blog force on the West Coast (or at least L.A., where it's based) -- and the writers there have big-upped Jacuzzi Boys before. And what Buddyhead has that many of the other big music blogs don't is a sense of humor, one that's caustic and spares nobody. So the accolades for Jacuzzi Boys' Island Ave. (which, of course, made Crossfade's own list of best local albums of 2009) begin with a whole bunch of insults to the band's home state:
"Florida totally fucking sucks. Sorry if you live there (really, we are), but it's neck-n-neck with TexASS as the worst state in the union. And musically, not a whole lot of good shit has come out of the state where midwestern fuckheads go to die and bake in the sun. "

Alright, well, now that Buddyhead's Travis Keller has gotten that out of the way, he goes on to proclaim the Boys as saviors of the whole state, and in garage-rock circles, says they've even outdone the Black Lips. Serious praise from a site that doesn't dole out too much of it. Read the whole blurb here.

While you're at it, check out the worst albums list, in which Keller deliciously tears a new one for the two groups that in 2k9 represented the absolute nadir of the Warped/MySpace generation: Brokencyde and Millionaires. A sample: "This band's terrorism-justifying sound is an amalgam of every terrible thing that's happened in music since the late'90s." Couldn't have put it better myself.