Vague Information on "The Takeover a Record Store Tour" This Monday in South Florida

Perhaps you received an invite on Facebook to a mysterious event dubbed "It Is The Takeover A Record Store Tour." The description for the October 6 event reads: "2 notorious troublemakers with nothing better to do will be taking over South Florida record stores with protest and pizzaz. It is on a Monday so quit your job and get on the dole for rock and roll. The music police will take over the store until you scream for more."

No times or locations are listed, so we hit up Mr. Entertainment (or Mr. E, if you're nasty) for more information on the affair.

His response was, "Rumor has it two dangerously witted songsmiths armed with only guitars and disguise will hold hostage all record store patrons with song and dance."

Vague, we thought. So we wrote back, "Are you cool with talking with me on the phone about it?"

"Only if you disguise my voice and blackout my face."

Suddenly we could identify when Batman has to interrogate the Riddler. On the telephone details grew clearer, but not totally clear. Mr. E has a friend coming in town from Connecticut, Miami-native, Trash American Style record store dude, and punk rock legend Malcolm Tent. The duo are both anarchist street performers who hope to play music at two popular record stores, one in Dade, the other in Broward.

Could he give us locations and times?

"The one in Dade will be post lunch and the name has something to do with what your body does when it gets very hot and steamy. The one at Broward will be around happy hour time and the name of the place has something to do when a nuclear power plant melts down on your record collection."

Mr. E and Malcolm Tent will play their own brand of thought provoking, satire protest songs as well as, he says, "songs from records on sale at the store with other people's faces on the covers. We will play short sets and have minimal equipment in case we have to run out of there if the police are called."

And if the police don't come?

"Then we will sign records. We are not afraid of signing other people's records. I know how to spell John Lennon's name."

Visit the Facebook page for less information.

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