Tegan and Sara's "F&#king Awesome" Show at Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale, March 12

Some artists have an uncanny propensity for developing the sort of fan base that borders on cultic in its dedication. While the fans of singer/songwriter/twin sister duo Tegan and Sara have not crossed the threshold of sanity like the adoring flocks of Kiss and Jimmy Buffett, there is a very peculiar energy that the group shares with those super fans.

That energy, a warmth or empathy of sorts, radiated from the stage of Fort Lauderdale's Revolution Live last night and was channeled through the capacity crowd which swarmed the venue. Desperate shout-a-longs were the order of the evening and, despite the fact that the duo's lyrical calling card is the unfiltered emotional distress of relationships, there were nothing but smiles from the crowd.

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