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SomeKindaWonderful on "Coming Out in the End and Blooming as a Butterfly"

With its first album and single "Reverse" under the band's belt, SomeKindaWonderful has just kicked off a pretty sizable 34-date tour. The song is a love story written backwards which definitely hit home with many romantic music lovers who drove it to extreme popularity.

Alongside New Politics and Bad Suns, the band, comprised of Jordy Towers (vocals/lyrics), Matt Gibson (guitar), Ben Schigel (drums), Justin Andres (bass/keys) and Sarah Dryer (vocals/percussion), is hitting Fort Lauderdale's Revolution this Sunday. We talked to both Sarah and Jordy of Somekindawonderful about butterflies, their debut release, and grunge soul.

New Times: When did you guys first start?

Jordy: In January 2013. We met in a bar called Aces in Ohio and recorded our first single that night. It was "Reverse."

Describe your sound.

Grunge soul.

What does grunge soul sound like exactly?

It's grungy, soulful [laughs]... it's a combo of the early '90s Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots meets soulful stuff like James Brown, Smoky Robinson and a lot of hip-hop elements.

What are you named after?

It's when something is so beautiful you can't really describe it, and that's how our music is. You can't really describe us or put us in a genre, and that's what we are. We are some kind of wonderful.

What's with the butterfly symbol?

Sarah: The butterfly is the fact that we grew out of a bar and spread our wings.

Jordy: It's from our cocoon stage to our butterfly stage and that's what the band is. Essentially evolution. A symbol of our musical evolution and our personal evolution.

You released your debut album in June.

From track 1 to track 12, it's a story of my evolution as an artist. It's almost biblical in its form because it's about temptations, my temptations. It's about coming out in the end and blooming as a butterfly.

It's a journey through confusion, fear, through temptation and through rebirth.

SomeKindaWonderful, October 19, at Revolution Live, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Visit

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