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Robert Pattinson on The Daily Show: Five Best Moments

Ice cream makes everything better. Summertime heat getting you down? Grab a pint. PMS cramps? Grab a pint. Cheating whore of a trampire girlfriend break your heart? Grab a pint with Jon Stewart. 

Last night, heartthrob vampire Robert Pattinson made his first live appearance since the recent breakup with Twilight costar Kristen Stewart. He emerged from his sad coffin of rejection on The Daily Show. Over two pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, Robert Pattinson glazed over the breakup topic and even got to say a few words about his upcoming film, Cosmopolis

Watch The Daily Show interview after the jump, and check out the five best moments of the night.

1. Robert Pattinson.
Is the RPatz himself allowed to be part of the best-of list? We just couldn't resist because, look at him -- he's so damned fine! You'd never know he's just endured the demise of a three-year relationship. His hair is better than usual, and we're feeling that scruffy beard. Guess all the weeks of hiding out and watching Lifetime movies really paid off.

2. "We're just a couple of gals talking"
Jon Stewart breaks the ice (literally) by pulling out two pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream to share with the Cosmopolis star. Apparently the ice cream hadn't been put in a freezer, and it was melting, leaving both men cursing. Eventually, Stewart did his best gay BFF impression saying, "Boy, you are betta off. Kick her to the curb." Aw, Jon Stewart is like the big brother RPatz never had. 

3. "I'm wearing Spanx"

After eating a few spoonfuls of the ice cream, Pattinson explains that he can't eat too much because he'll split his Spanx wide open. "Oh, sure you pull off your Spanx and now you're a whopping 138 pounds," replies Stewart.

4. "I should've hired a publicist"

"My biggest problem right now is that I'm cheap," said Pattinson on the fact that he probably should've hired a publicist to deal with this debacle.

5. RPatz's special message to Twilight fans.

"I want to make this a bigger opening than the Dark Knight..." While he might have been joking -- or not, considering the dedication of the RPatz clan -- it was a cute way to end the could've-been-awkward interview. And at least he got to talk about his upcoming film a bit.