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Gothic Corner: DJ Mike LinderSMASH Offers Aspiring Goths Fashion Tips for the Midnight Market

Gothic culture is alive and well in South Florida. This is apparent based on the droves of black-clad and be-masked partygoers who make their way to Green Room every week for Black Friday. The extravagant event is hosted by scene elite and resident Black Friday DJ Mike LinderSMASH

Though every Black Friday is a spectacle to behold, this week, they're presenting a Midnight Market. Unlike those of the past, this one is geared toward "the counter culture, or goth scene, which is driven by elaborate ensembles and costumes," LinderSMASH tells us.
 Sounds fabulous. 

These themed parties, usually, though not exclusively, involve theatrically obscure and specialized fashion. Most getups are either handmade or hard to come by, available via eBay or Etsy. Instead of dropping an entire week's pay on one outfit, Midnight Market provides what LinderSMASH calls "A 'goth flea market' of sorts," which, he continues, "invites everyone to bring their items to sell or trade with others." This makes Midnight Market a catalyst for an exceptionally vibrant alternative community.
Just in time for the midnight madness, we teamed up with DJ LinderSMASH to bring you the top ten must-haves for every aspiring goth's wardrobe. 

1. Fishnet Shirt
LinderSMASH says, "It can be worn under T-shirts or button downs," although, he continues, "More brazen people would wear just the shirt with electrical tape over their nipples." Can you say OUCH?!
2. Corset
A staple of any goth girl (or boy; no judgments here) wardrobe. "It's a fashion must-have... Plain black or ornate, doesn't matter, as long as it's there," Linder says.
3. Nine Inch Nails T-shirt
"Ahh, the ever-faithful NIN shirt," Linder sighs. "Arguably the most recognizable band logo of the last 20 years. This should be part of a growing wardrobe." And hey, you can throw it over a fishnet shirt for bonus points!
4. Choker
"A standard accessory," Linder tells us, that can dress up any outfit for a goth night out.
5. Vinyl Pants
Get that chaffing cream ready. Although Linder tells us that they make different cuts, "if you're not ready to hop into a pair of super-skinnies," we can only imagine what happens when the temperature rises.
6. Spiked Belt
"Because you can't hold up vinyl pants with Dad's braided brown belt." 'Nough said.
7. Black Eyeliner
Makeup is a huge part of the gothic look, and though the typical black lipstick and nail polish definitely help the ensemble, "eyeliner is by far the most necessary." We have to agree with LinderSMASH because, as he says, "Have you ever seen Robert Smith without it?"
8. Boots
They can have buckles and doodads galore or be combat-style. "The counterculture marches to the beat of a different drum...," Linder says, "and they march in boots."
9. Goggles
Also referred to as "cyber goggles," they're more commonly known to goths as "rivitheads." Linder tells us, "They rarely cover your eyes, usually strapped around your forehead." Industrial goths are a welcome subsection to the Midnight Market, as well.
10. Lip Service
While it's more of a brand, less of an accessory, Linder tells us: "When in doubt, buy an outfit from Lip Service." He acknowledges the expense but also says, "There's a reason they've been a standard in the scene for the past three decades."

Midnight Market is hosting roughly 15 vendors throughout the multilevel venue. DJ LinderSMASH and DJ Kaos also welcome guest DJ Alex Dalliance on the ones 'n' twos and tarot-card reader Maricruz Gonzalez, who will be dishing out fates and fortunes all night. Doors at 10 p.m., and admission is free. Two-for-one drinks till midnight; 21 and up.
Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Visit