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Last Night: Yelle (Again!) at Art Loves Music

Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Art Loves Music, Miami Beach

Better Than: I'm going to skip this.

Let me start out by saying: Worst. Crowd. Ever.

I'm going to keep this short since we already reviewed Yelle not too long ago. Way to castrate an energetic performer and have her beg you to wake up and ask you countless times, "Are you sleeping?" Yelle's (aka Julie Budet) shirt said "Let them eat gas!!!" and gas is what the crowd needed.

Do I know for a fact that Yelle can work a crowd? Hell-to-the-yes! Back in October, when the band visited the Polish American Club, the crowd nearly blew the top off the venue and was at least two-thirds of the size of the crowd that gathered on the beach last night.

And it wasn't necessarily set fatigue. Yelle changed it up this time around taking October's encore, a reprise of "À Cause des Garçons" mashed up with the Tepr remix, and performed it in the middle of the set. Instead, for last night's encore they took it up a notch and did an amazing redention of "Amour du Sol" with a electro/dub step-inspired break that had me not wanting it to end along with a hard rock mix of "Je Veux te Voir."

I must point out, last night was the only time I actually have ever seen a band have to ask the crowd of they wanted an encore. Yes, Basel crowd, you suck.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: I have a thing for French girls.

Randon Detail: There is confusion as to whether Yelle is just Julie Budet or the name of the entire band. Live, Julie constantly says, "Hello! We are Yelle!"

By the Way: The Yelle booking by Art Basel was announced so late because it was done last minute. Rumor is that bands kept canceling on the organizers.

-- Jose D. Duran