Black Guayaba at the Dive Bar Next Friday


I just got off the phone with the folks at the Dive Bar in Fort Lauderdale and learned about an upcoming show that sounds enticing. Popular Puerto Rican rock band, Black Guayaba is going to be performing next Friday night here in South Florida, and they've got the eclectic Teri Catlin booked as the opening act.

The last time I heard about Black Guayaba playing a gig here was almost seven or eight months ago at Circa 28 in Miami, so I'm glad to know they're returning.

I've got to tip my hat to the folks at the Dive Bar in general as they've been booking a lot of good ethnic music lately. El Chino Dreadlion just played the venue last Saturday. And Locos Por Juana are booked for Dec. 6th. It's rare to see shows like these in Broward and it's only going to last if people continue to come out and support it. For the upcoming Black Guayaba/Teri Catlin show on 11/28, admission is only $5 so don't miss out.

--Jonathan Cunningham