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Is Beyoncé's Mystery Producer Boots Jordy Asher?

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed attempted to uncover who some new guy on the music scene named Boots is. He coproduced and wrote a bunch of songs on Queen Bey's new superduper surprise visual album Beyoncé that dropped out of nowhere the other day.

If you're a longtime South Florida music lover, you might've started to uncover from Buzzfeed's clues that Boots is likely Jordy Asher, the Broward County-bred, scuzzy frontman of such local defunct favorites as Stonefox, Blond Fuzz, and Young Circles who garnered national attention for his band Blonds.

Going off one pic in particular -- reportedly Tweeted by a member of Beyoncé's creative team -- mds (designed memory) states "celebrating with my dear friend BOOTS who wrote 4 songs and co produced 80% of the album," the proof is in the pudding. It's our man Asher, or one of his pals, or he photobombed this picture.

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But dude! Major coup of the pop charts, compadre. The Boots name is slathered all over the album credits. Listed as the main writer for four ditties, he's mentioned alongside Queen Bey herself and the likes of Justin Timberlake.

If we're right, looks like Asher, under the nom de plume Boots, signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation label sometime in June of this year.

Seems Asher's move to the Big Apple last year was a fortuitous one, and the subsequent blip of attention his last duo Blonds received on all the blogs was quite serendipitous.

We tried to reach Asher for comment, but he has virtually vanished from the web. His personal Facebook account is deactivated, from the looks of it. Blonds' Tumblr is down, and its Soundcloud is gone. We can only make broad speculations as to what all this internet silence means.

Beyoncé, though, did discuss Boots' work on "Haunted" via her iTunes Radio channel a few days back.

"Haunted" is a song that's produced by Boots, a new producer that I completely respect. He plays every instrument. He is a lyricist. He is an innovator, and I'm so proud to work with him. The song is really about temptation in this music industry and being exposed to this crazy madness.

Whoever Boots is, his path is now paved only in gold.

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