No FOMO: Kat Lane Brings Miami Energy to Her Brand of Dance Music

Kat Lane is Miami to her core. Her songs -- like "Miami in the Summer" -- have the irreverence and stickiness of a South Beach summer night.

Lane got her start as a dancer when she was about 4 years old. That, and her parents' passion for music, is how she got into singing and DJing as an adult.

"Ever since I can remember," she says, "music has been at the forefront of what I do." Recently, Lane sang the national anthem at the Sony Open tennis tournament. She's also opened for Kaskade and has performed at Space and the Fontainebleau.

Though she's a singer, she'll be doing a DJ set with Steve Aoki at Hard Rock Live on Friday. She revealed she's a big fan: "The energy of his music is just kind of unmatched," she says. "He obviously thinks outside of the box. He brings a different perspective to his performance."

Lane tells us that with the help of producer and cowriter Sean Sloan, she has built a vision of something "deep and fun at the same time" with her label, Sound Business Recordings. She thinks Sound Business is different from other labels because of its focus on developing artists.

She and Sloan are open to other kinds of sounds, but they're feeling EDM at the moment. "It's kind of like my fashion. When you wake up, it depends on how you feel. We might have a rap song coming out -- things you wouldn't expect -- but you find yourself saying, 'Oh, it does fit!' 

"We see everything as a playing field, and it grows from there," she explains. But for now, they're pretty pleased with their current product. "The music is fun -- you get to dance to it. It's got a little bit of everything."

Her most recent single, "FOMO," is about the fear of missing out. "If you love something, then you are going to, at some time, experience FOMO." Asked what she fears she's missing out on, she says, "The reason that I work so hard, my whole label, Sound Business Recordings -- we all share the FOMO of that drive and being able to share what we do with the world."

Lane has a huge following on Twitter and regularly posts inspirational tweets called #katquotes. "I find myself throughout the day writing down things," she says. She's also a sucker for others' motivational quotes. Like anyone on Twitter, Lane loves to get a retweet from her followers. "I continue to do those so I have that outlet for people to build with me as well."

Another thing that gets Lane excited: adventure travel. She loves ziplining, which she believes "parallels performing, because they both give you this amazing thrill." With each of these passions in life, she says, "You're free. Your wings are spread."

Steve Aoki. With Kat Lane. 7 p.m. Friday, April 18, Hard Rock Live, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood. Tickets cost $54 in advance, $79 day of show. Call 954-797-5531, or visit

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