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MP3s of the Day: Original Tracks by DJ Lee Or

The last time New Times caught up with DJ Lee Or, the tech-house minimalist was slamming Saturdays at South Beach's Skyline Lounge. We dug the cat then, when he was wilding on Washington Avenue, and we dig the cat now that he has taken his Freakside Party to both the Electric Pickle on Tuesdays and Feelgood's (Miami) on Saturdays.

In fact, we dig the cat so much we're gonna give you not one but two of his original tracks. And if an MP3 of the Day doesn't prove we dig DJ Lee Or, well, then nothing does. Hit the jump for the downloads.

MP3: DJ Lee Or - "Zevi"

MP3: DJ Lee Or - "Shosh"

Tuesdays at the Electric Pickle 2826 N. Miami Ave. Miami. Saturdays at Feelgood's (formerly Blue), 222 Espanola Way, Miami Beach. and