Joan Jett and Iggy Pop Ham It Up at Sublime in Fort Lauderdale for PETA | New Times Broward-Palm Beach


Joan Jett and Iggy Pop Ham It Up at Sublime in Fort Lauderdale for PETA

Joan Jett rolled into gourmet vegan restaurant, Sublime in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday afternoon. Her trip this far South wasn't to rock out in front of thousands of adoring fans, but to quietly accept an award and unveil her new ad campaign for PETA. Known for shooting ads with nubile young starlets using political prowess as an excuse to take their kit off in the name of animal welfare, PETA showed remarkable restraint by showcasing an ageless beauty and ass-kicking rock 'n' roller in Jett.  

She arrived in her trademark all black attire with eyes so big she looked like an anime caricature, and a smile that could fool anyone into believing she was decades younger than her 54 years. We were expecting the opposite of Iggy Pop, who was there to present Jett with the Nanci Alexander Activist Award, for her longtime vegetarian activism. Pop walked with a slight limp, stemming from a crowd surfing incident two years ago. But he was surprisingly spritely with his beautiful young wife Nina, and was an unabashed ham (get it?!) in front of the press cameras. Check out more Iggy and Joan after the jump.

Also in attendance was Jett's longtime manager/collaborator, Kenny Laguna. Laguna told New Times that Joan had been having a rough week due to Sandy. Jett's homes in Long Beach and the West Village were both heavily damaged. And until the trip to South Florida, Jett had been couch surfing in Laguna's living room, which mirrored the beginning of their work relationship in the late '70s. Both were happy to be in the warm sunshine of surprisingly storm-free South Florida.  

The ad: