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Puddle of Mudd on Covering AC/DC's "TNT": "Wes Was Miserable"

Sometimes pure joy comes out of the strangest places. In this case, we're talking about interviewer Jose Flores' conversation with Puddle of Mudd guitarist Paul Phillips. Today marks the release of the postgrunge band's covers album, Re:(disc)overed, and also the release of Flores' print profile of the band ahead of its stop at FAU next Wednesday. Our guy was nothing short of effusive when it came to the material: "These recordings make Puddle of Mudd sound like the best bar band in the world." And there were like ten exclamation points we had to edit out of that sentence.

In any case, there were challenges that came out of the session. For one, Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin can't just turn himself into Bon Scott on command.

As we find out from Phillips:

A lot of the ones that made the record were a bit of a challenge. The

guitarist admits they had some heavy shoes to fill, especially for

Scantlin, on their high-voltage cover of AC/DC's "TNT." "[Wes] was

miserable the whole time," he says. "On our records, we tune down a half

step. On this record, I wanted to keep them true to how they were

originally recorded." Hitting Bon Scott's stratospheric notes without

sounding like a cartoon imitation of him has got to be a hard trick to

do. Scantlin pulled it off, but not without cursing the whole time.

You'll have to pick up a copy of Re:(disc)overed to hear what does not sound like a particularly pissed-off Scantlin, but here's a live version of the cut. Could be that they tuned it down half a step.

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