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Flyer of the Week: Steve Aoki at Mansion November 25

​Why does aging Cali club kid Steve Aoki always seem to be everywhere all the time? He's like some kind of superhuman funhouse mirror, multiplying his slick indie-slouch image a million and one times throughout the mediated universe. It's kinda creepy ... Wherever I look (music mags, dark alleys, The Cobra Snake, etc.) there's Mr. Kid Millionaire reflecting himself right back at me. 

Maybe it's because -- as part of the international brotherhood of hipsterati party DJs that includes MSTRKRFT, Boys Noize, and anybody peripherally associated in any way with Daft Punk -- the Dim Mak label head's never ever short on publicity, endorsement deals, or gigs. I mean, Aoki was just here in Miami a couple of weeks ago, spinning a set at SET on October 29 for a brood of bloggy babes and brothers. And already, he's back, this time invading Mansion with his million and one slick indie-slouch selves.


So again, I wonder: Why is Aoki everywhere all the time? Maybe the real reason for dude's ubiquity is something far more insidious than simple megapopularity. Could there be a legion of Steve Aoki replicants hidden in a bunker under the Hollywood sign just waiting to be unleashed on a mission of Dim Mak world domination? Or maybe Mr. Kid Millionaire has secretly discovered a rift in the space-time continuum that he's exploiting for his own personal gain? 

Wednesday, November 25. Mansion, 1235 Washington Ave., Miami. Doors open at 10 p.m., and tickets cost $20 through Ages 21+ with ID. 305-695-8411;