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Breaking Bad: Funeral Songs for Walt and His Family

As the AMC TV series Breaking Bad races to its series finale this Sunday at 9 p.m., the possibilities are endless. We watched Walter White over the past six years transform from a high school chemistry teacher to a crystal meth kingpin, and the twists and turns have kept on coming.

The only thing certain about this last episode is that someone is going to die. And since there are 60 minutes left and a lot of loose ends to tie up, the show probably won't have time to broadcast any funerals. So New Times thought we'd do you a favor and share which songs we're sure will be playing at each character's funeral.

Jesse Pinkman

Nas' "Life's a Bitch"

Walter's right-hand man who can't seem to catch a break gets to show off his favorite word, and it's not life. It's bitch, bitch.

Skyler White

Bob Marley's "Redemption Song"

In the first few seasons, Walter's wife was the weak link. Part of it was due to the writers who drew Skyler like this was a sitcom. Part of it was actress Anna Gunn's fault for portraying Skyler as an annoying nag. But this year, her scenes sizzled, and Gunn was rewarded with an Emmy.

Holly White

Buddy Holly's "Little Baby"

They couldn't be so cruel as to kill off Walter and Skyler's toddler daughter, could they? If they did, this little ditty by her namesake would be apt. The song lasts only two minutes, which is longer than the screen time the youngest character received over the course of the series.