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Behind the Scenes of Alukard's Hot New Video

When Alukard's new video for "A Knight Out" gets seen outside of South Florida, the world is going to see the special way that we rock down here. The song is a sweaty mesh of Latin rhythms, hot guitar lixx, infectious melodies, and clever lyrics. But the visuals take Level and company's sweet and heavy song to the next -- wait for it -- level.

The guys who make up the band don't dress like rockers. Their jeans aren't that tight, their hair isn't coifed fancily; they look like the type of dudes your grandmother would be worried you'd get mixed up with at a bonfire on an empty lot. We've been fortunate enough to meet them, and despite their dangerous looks, we can vouch for them. They'd help your grandmother carry her groceries home, and she'd be inviting them over for coffee and snacks.

Alukard - 'A Knight Out' (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from de la Vega on Vimeo.

New Times: Where did you make this video?

Javier Ruiz, Chocolate Milk Photography, director of photography: The location was compliments of De Leon's Bromeliads -- an orchid and bromeliad nursery in Miami.

You said it took 15 hours and 15 cases of beer? What made it such a grueling/party-tastic experience?

Level, frontman: It was pretty crazy, but the long hours of footage required a lot of work and filming. The production team didn't waste any seconds taking breaks, so we ravaged through beers that were hidden behind the music equipment. It was grueling but fun work when drunk.

Zaigone, drummer: We are all really happy with the footage, especially since the most shown band members are Big-D (née Zaigone) and Level. The two best-looking guys in the band, and the only two guys who are still in the band.

What made a grueling process? Nothing. It was an amazing experience. It was 100 percent pure adrenaline the entire shoot. We cranked the song and worked off the energy it gave us.

De La Vega, director: We had to slow down the track so that we could get the sped-up effect throughout the video. Having to record the song twice as long, a billion times [led to] an extra-long shoot.

What can you tell us about the footage that is on the cutting-room floor?

De La Vega : Cutting-room floor? Dead bodies, flying rabbits, and a new species of chupacabra. Unfortunately, we didn't have them sign the proper paperwork, so we couldn't use their faces on film.

The "hospital bill" lyric really stuck out -- it paints a quick picture of the shitty economy -- can you elaborate on what the bill is for?

Level: "Well, I lost my job and my dream got robbed, and I really can't make no ends/Got a hospital bill weighing on me still/My boss went out and bought a Benz." You can say it's a take on the economic status of the country right now. Unfortunately, too many people can relate with this. We work our asses off, get laid off, while the cut makes sure the boss gets paid off.

Where'd you record the song?

Zaigone: The All-Mighty LABELESS Records studio. Sin, the founder and CEO, D the drummer, and various other shady characters put a whole lot of sweat and man-hours into building it from the ground up, Alukard started and made it as popular as it is; the sound there is incredible. A lot of love in that studio; that is why we sound how we sound.

How many vocal tracks did it take to make those sweet and rich harmonies?

Level: I always record about five vocal tracks with the each note of the chord sung out. Though, I usually use more.

Shoutout time!

Level: We want to give a shoutout to everyone who's waited a long while to see this music progress. We are proud to have this video as our first release. Much respect to Cathartic Films and Chocolate Milk Photography for the great job!

Zaigone: I would like to add about six to seven zeros to the band and label's bank account, but that's up to the fans and bigger labels and, well, only time will tell.

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