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Tommy Lee of Motley Crue Sued for Assaulting Photographer in West Palm Beach

You see Tommy Lee on the beach, his junk is delicately cradled by a thin, stretchy fabric, his leathery flesh crinkles in the Florida sun. You know what you do? You take a fucking picture. 

Freelance photog and Palm Beach County resident Freddy Hernandez did exactly that, he took a pic of the Motley drummer, and he says he got poked, or hit or something. And now Hernandez is suing Lee for assaulting him. 

Paparazzo Hernandez started snapping away last year on July 7, last year on a public beach. 

According to PRWeb, "The lawsuit alleges that Tommy Lee touched and/or struck Freddy Hernandez without his permission, by hitting his camera, while Mr. Hernandez was holding said camera - as a result, Mr. Hernandez suffered injuries." 

The Law Offices of Robert Dixon, who represent the plaintiff, agreed to send over the complaint. We're still waiting. We'll be reporting back details on this incident.