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Swans' Michael Gira on The Seer, Released Today: "Once It's Done, It Just Sounds Like Dead Matter to Me"

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Today marks the official release date of the Swans' extraordinary

two-hour journey into delicate sounds and furious din with The Seer.

The New York-based group's figurehead, Michael Gira, resurrected Swans

in 2010, after the band had officially broken up following a farewell

tour in 1997. However, the Swans sound reemerged in his writing --

such an irrepressible beast that it is -- and he felt obliged

to follow it.

With his post-Swans project, Angels of Light, now

on hold, Swans has released a second album in its resurrected form, The Seer, an epic exploration of songcraft. With hammered dulcimer, slide guitar, tubular bells, and industrial-strength drumming, a better union is hard to find. The

return of Swans has been nothing short of triumphant. The band has accrued the largest

audiences in its history, and the soaring majesty of its recordings is receiving almost universal respect. We spoke to Gira about the new

album and the band's return for what will certainly be a second brilliant South Florida show in only one