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Local Album Review: Panic Bomber Discipline EP

Panic Bomber
Discipline EP
YYZ Records

Since naming Panic Bomber the Best New Electronica Artist last year, lot has changed for Richard Haig. He's toured through the U.S., U.K., and Canada, and had a successful showcase during last month's SXSW. And after two self-released albums, Calling in Threats and Getting on My Mind, Panic Bomber's Discipline EP gets a proper release, albeit a minor one, through Canada's YYZ Records.

The three-track EP almost marks a bit of a departure for Haig. Calling in Threats and its attached manifesto were clearly a call against Miami's lack of live music scene and love for DJ culture.

Discipline finds Haig finally relishing the electronic music genre and taking pride in the music he's making -- which he should considering he seems to have a natural talent for it. The title track alone is perhaps his best work to date. A house-y electro number that reaches its climax early and then turns into a glitchy electropop track, reminiscent of Calvin Harris.

In "Can't Sleep" and "Perfection and Grace" you'll find the live instrumentation and electro sounds that have sort of become Haig's signature. This leaves us wondering if his next full-length might be the thing that tips him over the edge and earns him more national recognition. Let's hope so.

You can listen and download the complete EP via Bandcamp.