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The Talent Farm's Kevin Burns Releases Singing Duo Brodyn's Album

The Pembroke Pines all ages venue the Talent Farm may no longer exist as a location, but it appears that in other way, the talent continues to flow out of this onetime essential venue.

Kevin Burns, the man behind the Talent Farm, just finished the debut full length from Brodyn, an acoustic folk duo borne of that venues many punk and hardcore shows.

"We would attend local shows regularly as teenagers and that's when we first met Kevin, or at least knew of him," said Deanna Dorta and Candice Maritato in a joint interview via Facebook. "We didn't offically meet until we started playing shows at the Talent Farm."

Burns said he heard them playing in the parking lot during the intermission of a show at the Talent Farm and immediately approached them about playing inside the venue.

The venue doubled as a recording studio, as well as a place to play to a crowd, so he later asked them about doing a three-song EP, which eventually led to starting work on the just-released full length, Sunshower.

"They sounded so good together," Burns said, "and it was so much fun to record them. We started working on the album more than a year ago but were interrupted by the closing of the venue."

Burns said he just finalized the recordings for the album and response to his posts online have already been hugely positive.

Brodyn has a few shows coming up in the next month, including one in February 7 at Anonymous Guitars in Sunrise, but said they'll be taking their focus off of playing live for a bit -- even with an official release party in the works for the near future.

"We've been playing shows pretty constantly with the material on this release for the last year," they said, "so we're going to be putting our focus back into writing new material."

Brodyn, February 7, Anonymous Guitars, 10778 NW 53 S., Sunrise. Visit You can download the album on the band's Bandcamp.

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