Marlon Wayans on Comedy: "I Don't Mind Wearing a Dress"

Marlon and Shawn Wayans may be the baby siblings of Keenen and Damon, but they're presenting the world with the next generation of big boy comedy. Together they've created a mini-empire of memorable parodies like Scary Movie and Don't Be a Menace, and the mind-blowingly trippy flick White Chicks. Nowadays, with their standup, these two are, firsthand, bringing Wayans-original comedy to the country.

Marlon just completed working on a movie tentatively called Smart Ass, he's producing a TV show staring two of his nephews, and is taking a less jokey role with Sandra Bullock in The Heat. The actor and comedian took time to talk to us about growing up in a crazily talented family, checking out J.Lo's butt on In Living Color (which he fondly referred to as "comedy college"), and what it's like being a black man playing a white woman.