Ten Best Cosplay and Video Game Costumes from Black Friday Arcade

Arcade culture invaded Green Room on Friday night. The downtown haunt teamed up with Play N Trade to host Black Friday Arcade, a night of overindulgent nerd culture set to electro dance beats. Gamers, cosplayers, and fetish fans came dressed to the nines. The scene was filled with bobbling Super Mario Bros., mysterious Call of Duty robbers slinking around the bar, and a fierce red ninja dude gyrating for all the drunken damsels to see.

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Hot-to-trot go-go dancers in Tron body suits adorned with LED lights, amused as the DJs revved up the crowd. Over on the stage, gamers fiddled relentlessly with console controllers to compete for top-dawg points during the night's series of video game tournaments.

Outside the club, the wind stirred up the palm fronds, but no wind or rain pour could scare off these superhero junkies. With this crew of fans of flare about, spotting interesting costumes was all too easy. Look for our selection of the best costumes of the night after the jump.