Warped Tour 2012: New Found Glory's Cyrus Bolooki on Blood on the Dance Floor, "The Most Punk Rock Band on the Tour"

Broward County is the birthplace of one of the most successful pop-punk bands of all time. Who, you ask? New Found Glory! Duh. Around these parts, we even remember when they used to have an A before the name.

Considered to be the "godfathers of pop punk" New Found Glory has certainly paved the way for many of the acts we'll be seeing on this year's Vans Warped Tour. And with seven albums and 15 years of playing together, we're not sure these guys will ever retire.

In the midst of all the Warped madness, drummer Cyrus Bolooki spoke to New Times about the state of pop punk music today, his favorite New Found Glory album, and why Blood on the Dance Floor is the most punk-rock act on the tour.