The Expendables Talk Zombies, Social Media, and Marijuana Legalization

Combine a heap of ska, a pinch of punk, a dash of metal, some good humor, and disorder. Shake to a reggae rhythm and you'll get something that sounds like the Expendables.

The band has been riding the SoCal ska waves since the early 2000s. Along with Slightly Stoopid and Pepper, it brought a Sublime-like style to places still singing "Santeria." If you're in the surf and skate scenes, you've heard the band for sure. Otherwise, you've overheard your dreadlocked neighbor try to seduce some girl with "Bowl for Two" at 2 a.m.

The band is back on tour after releasing its sixth studio album, Sand in the Sky, this January and cruising to South Florida to perform at Revolution on Saturday. We spoke with Expendables drummer and vocalist Adam Patterson about zombies, Facebook, and weed taxes.