Surfer Blood's JP Pitts Shares His Top Five Most Memorable Local Gigs

It's been a minute since fuzzed-out, home-bred blog sensation Surfer Blood played a local show. You haven't forgotten about our cherished West Palm Beach college rock purveyors, have you? Despite releasing an album on a major label, performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and touring the world a few times over, these dudes have never forgotten where they came from.

And it is with open arms that we welcome Surfer Blood back for a prized local show tonight at one of the most befitting spots in our area, Respectable Street Café, where the group first got its start.

It got us thinking, if you're like us, you've probably witnessed Surfer Blood's wondrous Pixie-ish start-stop dynamics a few dozen times. Engulfed with nostalgia, we started reflecting back to our favorite local Surfer Blood gigs. We've been there since the beginning, after all, since its first iteration as TV Club at the Museum of Contemporary Art in 2008, when the band wowed us with an indie rock spunk on par with lo-fi giants like Weezer and Built to Spill.

We asked John Paul Pitts, Surfer Blood's lead singer, which of the group's local shows were the most memorable for him. Here's exactly what he said, word for word.