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Diary of a Flasher: I Never Considered Myself a Nightlife Photographer

photo by Jipsy, nefariousgirl.com
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Behind every gallery I post, there are some interesting stories, especially when I am shooting a party or event at my free will. Not only do I see people as more interesting, but the entire experience is more colorful and I call it The Matrix zone, where I see moments frozen in time.

I observe carefully, by watching and listening. I find some of my best shots in a club or party are taken when the music is great, the crowd is having fun, and people get creative with their clothes -- and I'm not talking about Louis, Fendi or Dior. I love those, but the creatives always capture my attention and sometimes I make it into a session. I can't help it. I've found that it's become -- I pause because I hate saying it -- my art. There, I said it.

But who can't do what I do? Seems like anyone can, and according to a call I had last week, it's just about buying an expensive camera and presto, you're a nightlife photographer. As a matter of fact, the caller told me he would rather buy his own camera and shoot it himself than pay for my services. Yes, he actually said that.

That just filled me up with so many emotions and words, that all I could do is just seriously consider doing my own show in the future and sharing my work and the stories behind the shots.

I never considered myself a nightlife photographer. All I'm doing is capturing the party while I document my life, sharing a moment with you all, and hoping you feel the excitement, too.

Visit Jipsy's web site at nefariousgirl.com.