Top Five Tips From Lil Wayne's Jail Cell for LeBron, Bosh, and Wade

Just when you thought the LeBron-Bosh-Wade water-cooler talk was dying down, BAM -- it hit the prisons. Reporting (live!) from Rikers Island, inmate #02516544L -- more commonly known as Lil Wayne -- weighed in on his blog today about LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade's decision to join the Miami Heat:

"I believe that this Miami team will be explosive as intended. Anything less than an NBA championship title will be uncivilized," he wrote. "72-10 anybody? Well with Wade at the 1 and Lebron at the 2 or vice versa even, or Mario Chalmers at the 1, Wade at the 2, and Bron at the 3... Wow!"

His tips on how to make it happen, and more, after the jump:

Lil Wayne is from New Orleans, but the part-time Miami resident clearly loves his basketball from all locales: His analysis

of a Hornets game garnered comparisons to an assistant coach; he starred

in basketball flick The Patriots, revitalized

a ball court in a poor area... the list goes on and on.

So it's

not surprising that Wayne would want to chat about the most salacious

basketball gossip, um, ever. What is interesting is the specific

strategies he outlines, as if he's talking directly to LeBron from his

cell. (Wayne is halfway through a one-year sentence for attempted

criminal possession of a weapon.) Our top five tips from Wayne's post:


"Zone defense will be a must against this team. That's 3 players on the

court that commands a double team. Just imagine those guys on a fast

break, the defender back peadaling [sic]..."

2. "How about Wade

at the 3-point line, Bosh setting the pick, and Lebron in the passing

lane. And if you collapse on them, don't forget that Chalmers can knock

down the shot."

3. "Beware of the Bulls. Boozer will fit in well

because they're similar to Utah in many ways. A nice guard surrounded by

the shooters. With the addition of Korrer and Rose should be able to

shine brighter."

4. "Boston is the team of bad knees! With J.

O'neal joining the squad, it adds another big man but his knees are

always questionable. "

5. "The Knicks are injury prone as well.

Not only are their spirits injured from not getting The King, but

Amare's an injury threat as well as Turiaf and Randolph. If they can

stay healthy, then expect Amare and Randolph to be beasts in the paint."