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Radioboxer Brings Heart and Fake Blood to Churchill's Soul Fest 2012

The 2012 version of Soul Fest at Churchill's Pub will include soulful mamajammas like Blowfly A.K.A. Clarence Reid, Ralph "Soul" Jackson, and the appropriately titled Friday Funk Machine with Jaylon "Thunder" Ballard performing a - get this - Clarence Reid Tribute set, along with original songs. That's not all though. Miami's self-proclaimed "bipolar pop" band Radioboxer found themselves on this swinging and swanging lineup. They may not be sure if they were the "soul" music Churchill's wanted, but the thing is, they have real heart and a stage show that'll rival Blowfly's (blasphemy!).

This five piece band really came into their own in 2009 when they emerged from the Latin rock scene to the more mainstream indie realm. Bassist and guitarist Jota Dazza and his wife, singer Vanessa are enthusiastic about the group's new found success. Members of their group are from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Greece. Vanessa calls it nicely, "the little United Nations," while Jota jokes of their respective countries, "what we have in common is that our economic systems are fucked up."

Vanessa points out about their sound, "We have different musical styles in the band, because of the different countries we come from, and it's a combination of everything we like and maybe something we hear on the bus or street."

Starting out with awesome Latin rock band Minimal and scene maker DJ Pauer, Jota says, "These people helped us out tremendously." But, they realized that their audience was limited if they stayed within that genre and so broke out and started playing shows at Churchill's, Tobacco Road, PS14, and Transit Lounge.

"We try to be fearless about change," Jota says. He describes the first album as having, "Latin rhythms, organic textures, a lot of noise, a couple of punk songs, a couple of boleros, a couple of power punk songs," while they evolved in the second album to incorporate a more pop feel.

Their live shows are mad. They use lights confetti, props, balloons, and onstage Vanessa is wild. "She's fearless." Jota says of his wife. "We've had more medical bills from shows..." Noting that she hits herself with bottles, uses fake blood, gets big guys on stage and chokes them with her mic chord. The fans have taken notice. Their record release party at the Stage, brought out 700 people. "It blew us away because it was only us," Jota says.

Jota has been putting on events to get local musicians collaborating and supporting each other called FL Music Get Together. As Radioboxer started playing with other bands like Space Between Words, the Deadly Blank, Lavola, they realized how much better shows could be in helpful groups.

The first of these get-togethers brought out 100 people to Humbert singer Ferny Coipel's studio The Shack North. The second was at The Stage and the third at Churchill's was led by Rat Bastard. At the second two, bands played after the discussions. Jota wants there to be more collaboration between bands, venues, and promoters. It's about "bands taking control."

"We started playing good shows when we decided we were going to run the show," he says.

Radioboxer is hugely supportive of other local acts, especially Boxwood from Broward. "We met him playing at a toy store," he says. When questioned about which toy store, he noted it was Pink Ghost selling designer toys. A toy store for adults? "Adult toy store sounds kind of dirty, and pink ghost sounds even dirtier," he jokes. Jota has also directed videos for Space Between Words and Rimsky.

This is their first Blowfly show and they're really excited about it. But they also want to let people know that their performance will be, "a show you're going to remember." Jota notes confidently, "We're full of soul!" 

Find out Friday, April 6 at Churchill's Pub Soul Fest, 5501 NE 2 Ave., Miami, from 7 p.m. to 4 a.m. Radioboxer will also be performing with Lavola at The Speakeasy on Cinco de Mayo. You can catch them playing their new Mexican song.  

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