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First Look: Weird Wives Assaulted Propaganda Tuesday, July 13

With all due respect to the needy internet, this is merely a brief observation of a local band performing in a local setting. Restaurant reviews typically require multiple visits, and so should artists. This installment features West Palm Beach/Miami guys Weird Wives in what local historians believe is the band's first gig outside of a practice space setting.

Weird Wives features a noisy assortment of Surfer Blood members and dynamic frontman Nicholas Klein, who looked like a deranged lumberjack and/or a possessed genius as he stalked the stage during "Dookie Brown Tuesday" on July 13 at Propaganda in Lake Worth. Somewhere along the way, his horn-rimmed glasses disappeared and his gutteral growls turned into high-pitched falsetto over a backdrop of thud-rock crunch.

Although Klein mostly kneeled and occasionally made lewd motions toward

the monitor speakers, he never gave up complete control of the stage. A

natural frontman presence meant maintaining even when the drum kit gets

mucked up and making jokes about the Rocky Horror Picture Show

and injecting a convincing Bronx cheer. Oh yes, and there was a tight-knit band up

there with Klein. Guitarist Thomas Fekete, bassist Brian Black, and

drummer Marcos Marchesani bombarded through 25 minutes of sludgy

noise. The Only People, featuring drummer-about-town Jordan Pettingill and friends, played an even swifter set of reverb-heavy jams reminiscent of the Modern Lovers and Jon Spencer.

Keep an eye on Weird Wives' new MySpace page, and know that the next time there's a performance announced more than a couple of hours beforehand, we'll post it on County Grind.