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R.I.P. Bruce Roehrs, 1950 - 2010

Bruce Roehrs
I've been reading Maximum Rock N Roll since the late 80s and for better or for worse, the quintessential punk rock magazine has had its ups and downs and bouts of scenester-like petty bullshit. But it has always provided solid content for those interested in the genre. From scene reports to interviews to reviews to columns, most issues had something for someone. I remember the early '90s roster of Ben Weasel, Rev. Nørb, George Tabb, Mykel Board, and Adrienne Droogas as some fun reads, but while some of those columns sometimes didn't hold my interest, Bruce Roehrs' review column always did.

Maybe it was his je ne sais quoi attitude towards living outside of his stereo system or his gung-ho stance on digging new rock and roll sounds. Yeah, that's it, he was always the type that enforced showing up early to shows to catch opening acts and as any show-goer in San Francisco will tell you, he was there, early and supportive.

His "love music, will travel" dogma is legendary; anybody who's seen ANTiSEEN perform in most American states is either super dedicated or just plain crazy. He was, at the end of the day, a true punk rocker and one of the nicest guys ever. I still have tapes that I sent away for based on his reviews. Though it was sad to hear about Alex Chilton's passing, I was sadder to hear about Bruce's. I guess we can chalk that up to the Princess Diana and Mother Teresa syndrome of dying on the same day. Oh well, like he would've said, "See you at the bar, you fucks."