The Riot Act's Top Five Songs to Enjoy While Sipping Sailor Jerry Rum at Revolution Live, August 3

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A few months back, we first spoke with Christian Clarke, founder of rock 'n' roll duo the Riot Act. He was smart and funny on the phone, and we thought it came through somewhat in the article, though not enough. A recent chance encounter with the singer at the Jon Bon Jovi show led us to this list of Clarke's favorite drinking tunes. You'll truly get a taste here of the man's humor. And it is good.

He's trying to get you prepped to drink like a little fishy at the Sailor Jerry rum and Inked Magazine casting call party this Friday night. They're looking for tattooed calendar girls, so expect to be surrounded by badder bitches than you. The Riot Act is performing alongside the Gun Hoes and DJ Mig at Revolution Live.

This list and Clarke's thoughts on these songs will get you amped to guzzle some dark and stormies while sloppily hitting on rockabilly chicks who won't ever have you.