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Five Reasons Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger Will Stay Together

Well folks, if you were wondering how Avril Lavigne would pick up the pieces of her broken heart after a short-lived marriage to Sum 41's Deryck Whibley and a whirlwind romance with Brody Jenner, the answer is by marrying Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. This is a band whose most redeeming quality is Jason Alexander starring in their latest video.

The truth of the matter is, this romantic issue was probably definitely not on your mind. Regardless, in some circle of the Canadian celebrity pool, somebody felt it was necessary to release the information regarding the totally irrelevant couple's nuptials.

All making fun aside, we're so excited for them (OK, not really) but we think this relationship will totally work out and here's why.

5. Feminist Chad Kroeger
Apparently someone has decided that Chad Kroegs has a feminist side. Aw, that's sweet. What woman wouldn't want to stay with a man who supports her in all of her resplendent girl power?

4. "Chavril"
Their relationship hasn't even been confirmed for over 24 hours, and they already have a "celebrity" couple nickname. Take that TomKat and Brangelina! P.S. For an amusing way to waste some time, check out the tweets under the hash #Chavril.

3. He's better than Brody Jenner.
Sure, Chad's band really sucks. Like, really, really sucks. But, Brody Jenner just sucks as a human. We never really understood that relationship anyway. Oh yeah, and the engagement announced was released on Jenner's birthday. How's that for twisting a knife into your ex-boyfriends heart?

2. Why wouldn't they stay together?
So, they're both Canadian, make super terrible music, and they're equally as irrelevant as one another in the public eye. It's still pretty surprising that their engagement is garnering so much attention. No wonder they managed to keep it under the radar for so long. Nobody cares. What could they possibly have to fight about?

1. Sum 41 Once Covered "How You Remind Me"
Technically, this really has nothing to do with why the pair would stay together. But, we can't help but get a kick out of the fact that once upon a time, Sum 41 covered a Nickelback song. How's that for things coming full circle? Think Deryck Whibley's regretting that decision?