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Aces High Music Festival Presents Wayward Parade Artists Everymen and More

We've said it before, and we're sure we will say it again: John Wylie is almost without peer when it comes to the sort of tangible contributions he's made over the years to South Florida's music community.

Between the man's early days playing guitar for a laundry list of seminal, influential Florida hardcore bands to heading up Eulogy Records, Wylie has always shown a peculiar knack for pulling together the community in one way or another and showing off South Florida's best side.

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While the musician and businessman has now moved his focus to more lucrative ventures, namely the Aces High tattoo shops, he still usually finds a way to tie music back in. For example, the Aces High Music Festival. It's a smaller fest that Wylie puts on fairly regularly in Palm Beach County over the past few years, showcasing the various sounds coming out of North Broward and West Palm Beach.

This year's incarnation of the festival will also serve as a welcome home for the perpetually wandering sons Everymen, signed to Wylie's current music label, Wayward Parade. It will headline the festival after arriving home from a lengthy national jaunt promoting its third full-length release, Generations.

Everymen's frontman, Sergio "Capt'n Bobo" Wittis, told us from the road why he and his band are looking forward to playing the fest this month. "We love the diversity and the friendship between all the bands and the crowd," he explains. "We are proud to be a part of such a beautiful dysfunctional family! We have a great scene, and every single person that attends plays a huge part."

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Everymen's fiddle and guitar player, Jesse Baumann, agrees with that assessment: "Coming home to such great bands and amazing friends is a privilege. And we are all grateful to have that at home."

And "home sweet home" is exactly where Capt'n Bobo is looking forward to playing during these cold winter months. Speaking the truth like only a Floridian can, he exclaims, "It's fucking cold on tour!"

At Respectable Street on Saturday, November 29, gutter punks and banjo lovers can leave their leather coats at home and sweat it out with the Wayward Parade crew in pure wild style.

Aces High Music Festival with Everymen, Darling Sweets, Que Lastima, Sunnyvale, Gallumms, Old Habits, Sweet Nothings, Judge Holden, and Sounds of the Rodeo. 8 p.m.

Saturday, November 29, at Respectable Street, 518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. $10, and 18 and older. Visit Facebook.

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