You Know You're From Fort Lauderdale When...

Fort Lauderdale isn't only a tourist town. Sure, we've got the beach and frozen-drink bars, but this city has always been packed full of locals-only spots. Maybe you have fond memories of dancing the night away at the Squeeze. Or you remember shopping for records where a Hustler store now resides. To show off our Fort Lauderdale pride, we've compiled a list only a true local would appreciate. Feel free to add your own below.

To start things off, you know you're from Fort Lauderdale when...

10. You've been to a show at the Edge.

9. You've enjoyed several drunken meals at the Peter Pan diner.

8. The idea of traveling west of 95 seems ridiculous.

7. You've been to Zeta Fest. 

6. You know what a rum barrel is, and regret it. 

5. The bartenders at the Poorhouse know your drink.

4. You don't have a tan.

3. It doesn't faze you when Dennis Rodman is drinking at Kim's Alley Bar.

2. You know Publix is the only grocery store worth going to.

1. You've had your portrait drawn by Mickey Clean.

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