Raggy Monster Premieres New Music Video for "Cannibal"

West Palm Beach indie rockers Raggy Monster are taking their distinct sound to your computer screen with the premiere of their first ever music video for "Cannibal." Back in October, frontman Billy Schmidt revealed to County Grind that a spooky dream about munching on Palm Beach Island joggers served as the inspiration for this track, and you'll get the whole gist here on their YouTube creation. 

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The nearly six minutes of zombie-tastic fun start with Schmidt waking up from said bad dream, and wandering the streets of Downtown West Palm in the endearing red pajamas of a very tall toddler. When he comes across singer Rachel Duvall, she's already been bitten by the zombie bug, and passes that fortune on to him.

The rest of the tale circles around Schmidt and Duvall lurching around downtown Lake Worth, seeking out the other bandmates for dinner. Like they are the dinner. Logically, the band then rocks out as a zombie posse while undead fans join them to feast on brains and live music.