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eMusic Profiles Captured Tracks Label, Mentions the Jameses!

County Grind and @thephoneycomb doused each other in champagne last week after Pitchfork shouted out the Jameses on two occasions, and just when things had started to sober up, this happened. Whenever folks ask the awkward question of "where can I find out about new music?" the answer is invariably eMusic. In addition to the MP3 bundle bargains, these people actually enjoy listening to the stuff and do some research!

In the case of Brooklyn label Captured Tracks, the label home for the Jameses' "Haunted Rider"/"Rat People" single forthcoming full-length, eMusic's J. Edward Keyes' engaging interview with founder Mike Sniper -- also frontman for lo-fi provocateurs Blank Dogs -- shows that the guy really has a handle on his business.

Sniper's signings include Beach Fossils, the Fresh & Onlys, and Wild Nothing, and he says things like this:

There are people that say to me, "Oh, you're flooding the market." And I say, "Well, you don't have to buy

them all." There's bands that have a lot of material and want to put it

all out , there's bands that have a lot of material and edit

themselves, and there's bands that don't have a lot of material and

take a long time to put something out, and I think all three are valid.

There's no "right way" to do it.

And then, of course, there was that part in there where Keyes refers to "beaming Florida pop band the Jameses," who are working on the assembling more material part right now. Well if the guys weren't beaming before, they probably are now. Now let's get "Steev Pullman" over here and get the bubbly flowing.