Filter's Richard Patrick: "If Rush Limbaugh Had a Massive Heart Attack From Eating So Much Shit, That Would Be Alright with Me"

Richard Patrick, the founder and lead singer of Filter never used to get political in public. Then, one day, some rednecks in a pickup truck started throwing trash at his wife's car and almost ran her off the road because her Prius had a "Ban Assault Weapons" sticker on it.

Now the guy is unleashing the full assault of his invective filled diatribes against the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, right wing extremism, organized religion, Jesus Christ, and gun nuts to anyone who will listen.

Here's a massive "fuck" filled rant against a few things the singer hates before Filter's show at Culture Room this weekend coinciding with Filter's new album "The Sun Comes Out Tonight" on Wind-up Records.

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