Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness, on His Nickname: "It's Better Than Being Called an Asshole"

Black Sabbath is undeniably one of the most influential bands of all time. And while many legendary acts often sully their legacy by reuniting and culling an album from the dregs of should-have-been B-sides, Sabbath was spared this fate. The Rick Rubin-produced 13, an album that finally earned Sabbath its first number-one record on the American charts, preserved its dignity.

13 harks back to the pioneering band's most revered early works without feeling forced or feigned in any way. Though it is sadly absent of Bill Ward's brilliant drum work, the heft displayed by the band's three other original members surely makes for a welcome distraction.

A recent teleconference with the Prince of Darkness himself revealed a gracious Ozzy Osbourne. He spoke of the new album, the band's current tour, and what it exactly feels like to be back together in 2013. Here are some of our favorite moments from the conversation.

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