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Miami According to Brooklyn: Internet Shit-Talkers Are Spineless

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This week, we're talking about how these fucking jackass kids hide behind their fucking computer monitor screens. First of all, we all know you're a jackass if you're talking shit on the Internet, and you don't have enough balls to go up to somebody and tell them what you really think. Obviously you're terrified, so you feel that this is an easy way out, and you're able to be more of a man, so to speak, but you're not. You're just some fucking pussy kid who's gonna run his mouth behind his computer, but when it comes time to put up or shut up, guess what dude, you're fucking hiding out. All you are is a spineless little bitch, alright? Be a fucking man, take some responsibility, say, Hey, I fucking wrote that, and what do you want to do about it?

Obviously all these kids hide on the computer and blogs and message

boards can't say something to somebody's face. I find that really weak,

and you're less of a human being if you do that. If you actually had

some character and some courage, you would say whatever you needed to

say to that person, regardless if you're gonna get your ass beat or

not. I would like to see more kids coming up to maybe take some

responsibility for something instead of hiding and lying and blaming it

on somebody else. If you want to fucking do something about it, we can

go right around the corner.

The only time these kids feel strong is when they're with a bunch of

their friends. Things aren't the way they used to be. When I was coming

up, if you had something to say, it was two guys nose to nose, face to

face, and they settled it like men. These kids today fight in groups

like little pussies. They don't take any responsibility for what

they've done. They blame it on their childhood shit. But your fucking

responsibility is for your future. So grow a pair and work your ass off

for everything you have. That way you can say, Hey I got this, my mom

and dad didn't give it to me. You actually may get something out of

that. If not, you're just a fucking jackass anyways. Peace out.

Five Albums I'm Listening to This Week: 1) Cursed, One. 2) Throwdown, You Don't Have to Be Blood to Be Family. 3) Gorilla Biscuits, Start Today. 4) 108, Songs of Separation. 5) I may be one of the only people to have this: an AC Cobra demo.

Quote of the Week: It takes a lot less effort to be nice to somebody than to be a jackass.

Random Shout-Out: I would like to give a thank you over to the guys at the Century Hotel, where I had an amazing birthday party. The hotel's beautiful, and I suggest people enjoy its amenities in an amazing location.

-- Brooklyn

(Photo by Justin Namon.)