The Talent Farm Closes Doors After Nearly a Decade

The Talent Farm in Pembroke Pines has unexpectedly been forced to close its doors following a dispute with a neighboring business. The all-ages venue, initially built by owner/operator Kevin Burns as a state-of-the-art recording and rehearsal studio with a larger room for showcase performances, has hosted shows for nearly a decade, provided a proving ground for generations of young bands and played an integral role in keeping South Florida's hardcore-punk scene thriving.

To break the proverbial fourth wall, I myself have been performing and seeing shows at the Talent Farm since it first opened its doors and can personally attest to what an absolutely selfless class act Kevin Burns has been over the years. An all-ages venue in the middle of a warehouse district in the swamps of Pembroke Pines never made for an easy business model -- particularly when housing the sort of violent shows that had become Burns' bread and butter -- yet he always fought through the lean times to provide a safe and welcoming home for a community that really had nowhere else to go.

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