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Jose El Rey rules the House of Sex

If you haven't seen Jose El Rey perform around town yet ... you're missing out. How to describe the legend? He doesn't really sing, he doesn't really rap.... He just kind of is, over some tinny 808 freestyle beats. He makes ladies want him and guys want to be him. Really -- he even just snagged an entire page in Maxim en Espanol (read it on his Myspace page).

Here's his latest video, for "I Rule, the House of Sex," directed by G.I. Holmez. Sure, it's low budget -- it looks like it was mainly filmed in, perhaps, his backyard; maybe around one of those strip malls where the Gables bleeds into SW 8th St.; and onstage at Studio A (can't tell, film quality is rather dark and blurry, but it has to be there or PS14). But, he keeps it real, dancing in front of a blue screen flashing several important Miami landmarks: a Sedano's supermarket, a large outdoor poster somewhere for Que Pasa USA?, ¡Ñoooo que Barato!, and the Jamaica Motel on 8th St. Ladies, try to control yourselves as you watch.

Jose El Rey's next show is this Saturday at PS14. -- Arielle Castillo