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Garage Tapes: Thunderhole at Sweat Records

Thanks to the Miami-Dade public bus system -- the bane of my carless existence, BTW -- I missed the 8 p.m. start time for the January 6 Roofless Records show at Sweat. Luckily though, thanks to random PA problems, the chronically tardy nature of Miami's hipster class, and a little factor that Roofless Rex exec Matt called "just a Wednesday," the scheduled entertainment was delayed, too.

So, by the time I finally rolled up around 8:50, the sonic shit was just getting started as Miami two-man band Hahahelp tossed off some damaged '90s angst rock. Next up, there was Boston-based Thunderhole, an indie kid three-pack that sounded something like a young Sonic Youth in the middle of a no wave fit. They screeched. They squelched. They stumbled. And last, Melted Sunglasses rounded out the fun with a furious finisher. But since you already know those local bros, go on ... Enter the Thunderhole.