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Top Ten Rappers Balls Deep in the Porn Industry: Kanye, Snoop, Luke, and Fitty

Rap music and pornography go together like love and marriage, which, in turn, go together like a horse and carriage.

Try playing 90 percent of hip-hop for your parents and, almost immediately, the genre's persistent obsession with the world of quiver-inducing carnal delights will either gravely offend them or make them blush. Play it for your grandparents and it will fucking kill them.

Rappers sing so much about sex (oral, anal, vaginal, group, expensive, etc.) that you would think the industry uses the BBC section of porn tubes to search for talent. But in actuality, it's usually MCs turning into adult actors rather than the other way around. Here are County Grind's Top Ten rap celebs moonlighting as smut stars.