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Rick Ross Partners With Wingstop Chicken Wings Chain

Rick Ross has surfaced once again in the realms of things that would define one as a total dude. First, we broke the news about his affinity for comics, being a regular of Fort Lauderdale staple Tate's Comics. His new interest strays from the comic book niche, but proves to be just as solid. His new foray? Chicken Wings. Chicken muthafuckin' wangs.

The Teflon Don himself is set to get his grease on, becoming invested in

the Texas-based company Wingstop, which has over 480 locations across

the United States and Mexico -- and 13 right here in South Florida.

Ross name dropped the company on the track "MC Hammer," which appeared on his latest record Teflon Don. The lyrics are as follows:

"Limousines, I did that, two door coops boy I live that

My top back, I'm circumcised

I pull it back, just to go inside

She thinking folic, I'm thinking Wingstop

Feening lemon pepper, I got my thing cocked

Black Batmobile, its only new Ferrari

Its called scaglietti one button like a Atari

Im just advising, my profit is rising

Niggas buying stocks any nigga like a Verizon"

That man just referenced video games, Ferraris, the Batmobile, and chicken wings in one verse -- all things that prove to be essentials in balling.

While it may come as no surprise then that he is truly a fan at heart, he went on to express his affection for the chain.

"After tasting Wingstop's signature lemon pepper-flavored wings in

Miami, I knew this was a franchise I wanted to add to my investments,"

Rick Ross told AllHipHop.com yesterday.

The feeling is mutual, as Wingstop CEO Flynn commented on the new addition to the family:

"Rick Ross will be a great addition to the wing stop family. He's a talented artist and brings a huge fan

base to the concept. We look forward to growing the brand with him in


Yes, you've read correctly, Rick Ross' first store will open in Tennessee. Don't fret though, Ross is a regular man about town. He's bound to be spotted in one of Wingstop's numerous locations in and around South Florida.

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