Five Must-See Acts of Jingle Ball 2014

As children ready themselves for the tinkling of Santa's sleigh bells, tweens, their pop-obsessed older siblings, and crop-top-wearing parents are anticipating another kind of holiday sound: the upbeat jazziness of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" performed live.

Jingle Ball is ringing its way into town again and bringing a slew of new acts with it. We're talking popular music at its broadest, presented in a massive arena with glow sticks for the kiddies and double vodka sodas for the oldies. There's Calvin Harris' electronic dance beats, the frat-rap of Jake Miller, and the crooning of British sensation Jessie J.

But this Y100- and iHeartRadio-hosted event has more in store than the above-named stars. Proceeds from the show benefit the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which builds media centers in hospitals to help heal the sick through music. And on this December 21 at the BB&T Center, after the tour has traveled through L.A., New York, and Chicago, you can catch these five must-see acts at the 2014 edition of Jingle Ball.

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