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Subtropics Festival Celebrates 20 Years of Noise and Sound Art

Noise, art, sound, dissonance, resonance, bass, high shelf, low pass, amps, tables, hacked electronics, loops, synths, midi, speakers. Sound nerds of the world unite. The 20th edition of the Subtropics festival, breaking windows in the MIA since 1989, is upon us. Starting with an opening night reception on February 26th at the Bass Museum of Art, you can revel in a monthlong buildup toward total sensory overload. The festival schedule is.........

made up of concerts, events, satellite fairs, and other events featuring audio luminaries like Ikue Morie,  Davey Williams, Rene Barge, David Manson, Katherine Liberovskaya, Heather Maloney, Juan Carlos Espinosa, Paula Matthusen, UOM, Jaime Reveles, Jaclyn Heyen, David Dean Mendoza, Erik DeLuca, Nicole Martinez, Adam Sheppard, Armando Rodriguez, and Julio Roloff.

Here's an opening night invitation  .

subtropics opening night.jpg