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MP3 of the Day: Stokeswood - "The Old 4th Ward"

Florida's proud history of music extends beyond borders. We're talking about things that fall under the categories of "region rock" and certain interstates that have built impromptu bridges between communities... so I want to go on the horn here and say that we have as much in common with Atlanta, Chattanooga, Little Rock and at times San Francisco as we have with Hialeah, Perrine, Kendall, Fort Lauderdale and Lake Worth.

Case in point are these handsome young dudes in Stokeswood,

who hail out of Georgia with imaginary background histories and sweet

electro-pop, indie-jazz alterno-rock. This is in no way Earth-shattering

ditties but they are executed with such nice-guy gusto one can't help

but bop along. While they might be lumped with jam rock bands like the

dreaded hippies of Phish and Railroad Earth, this stuff is more

palatable for contemporary ears.

Carassia may or may not be an old neighborhood or an imaginary LARP-ing induced tale of manna points lost in the nuances of cute keys, melancholic guitars and quirky dance beats; whatever it is, I kinda want to hear more.

These boys perform down here with frequency, in the meantime, enjoy this MP3 off their self-released album Carassia and make sure to catch them when they hit us next. We're all south baby, sweet south.

MP3: Stokeswood - "The Old 4th Ward"

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