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Threading Through Genres with Belaxis Buil: the Visual Side of Musicians

Belaxis Buil has been quiet for some time now musically, but this provocative artist retains a musicality to her work. A dancer, performer, choreographer, photographer, and stylist, Buil last graced our ears with 2010's Get It While It's Hott. Brash is Beethoven. Belaxis is Buil., an experimental take on electronica that took its cues from the expected danceable results as the visual that dictated the music's flow.

An incredibly busy and sought after artistic personality, Buil has been concentrating on the visual side of things lately but if the visceral energy that she brought to the stage as part of Dino Felipe's entourage in the Finesse & Runway days is any indication (and as she reveals here), music is never too far off and will be reappearing in her arsenal fairly soon.

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Darling, I Just Can't Get Enough

New Times: What connections do you make with music and dance?

Belaxis Buil: The connection is simply an extension of the concept, which adds another layer or texture to the complexity of the physical work.

Do you think of music in visual terms?

Yes and no. I certainly see music as moving, fragmented, almost spirit like "objects." When it comes together on an eight count with the context of the work, it becomes a visual and obviously atmospheric, but not a separate entity.

You've been pretty busy lately, what was your recent experience in the

Dominican Republic like?

My experience(s) in the Dominican Republic was great as usual. I have developed a close friendship and serious artistic connection with Eliu Almonte, Artist Bienale Recipient and curator in Puerto Plata who has invited me multiple times to perform very thought-provoking and socio-politically charged work, with no limitations. Likewise, I am connecting to other amazing artists who aren't afraid to break the rules and boundaries, separately and together as a group.

From the numerous disciplines that you work in, which is the one that

conveys your artistic mission with most ease?

That is a hard question. Performance bleeds like a river from me, like a brutal waterfall without doubt, but all the genres come together so easily that it completes the idea for every individual, who might understand a section more fully than the other. When it's all put together, it just threads the work to its whole.

You've been relatively quiet with music, can we expect any more music in the future or are you not focusing on that these days?

Oh, yes, music is coming; I have just been living in my head listening to the music that's about to explode out of me. It's there, I work in a circular system, tackling each category with ease and when it is time.

I've been expecting a follow up to Get It While It's Hott.

It is coming and Wonderworld APPLE will be the title. By January, February of next year, something will be produced.

Anything else happening we should look out for?

I also have been traveling a lot and styling with great stylists for Italian Vogue and Italian Vanity Fair, just to name a few other things, which are inspiring the sounds and noise about to rainbow out. Oh, and Dino and I will be working together soon too so look out for that.

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