The Hangover: Brian Antoni and Nick D'Annunzio's Totally '80s Birthday at Club 50 | New Times Broward-Palm Beach


The Hangover: Brian Antoni and Nick D'Annunzio's Totally '80s Birthday at Club 50

Photo by Jipsy
​Rewind your Walkman to Friday's totally '80s birthday party for aged-to-perfection Brian Antoni and Nick D'Annunzio at the The Viceroy at Club 50. This duo teamed up on a mission to resurrect their '80s glory days. One of the headline names was enough to drag me across the bridge − I rolled in solo, considering my date got drunk and passed out before the party even started (hey Noah − call me). No worries, I called in the b-team and it was game on. In no time I was elbow deep in party favors (and not the ones being passed around in the crowded bathroom stalls) including a hand fan baring a photo of Nick in an aggressive V-neck and a pair of Wayfarer '80s shades embezzled with Brian Antoni's name. I had arrived.

Cue the Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Michael Jackson and Mr. T impersonators and rad '80s beats. Good thing I'm a fan of the '80s jams (David Bowie, you're my hero − call me). I was impressed that the entire place was packed (they're saying more than 1,000 showed) and though the party requested '80s attire and most obliged, it really didn't feel fashionably different than any other night in Miami. First lady of the party, Tara Solomon, was decked to the eighties nines − I've seen this woman pull off fishnet stockings at noon on a Tuesday so it was no surprise she was making the '80s thing work.

The cast of the party looked (and acted) like it could have walked straight off of the pages of one of Antoni's books. Even though  the party was in Brickell, it felt like it was in South Beach, mixing the people that made the place with the people who enjoy the place. VIPs in attendance included everything from reality TV stars to artistic heavy weights to local celebrity club kids. To name a few: Dania Ramirez of NBC's Heroes, NBC Today Show's Michelle Kosinski, filmmaker Alfred Spellman, The Food Network's Ingrid Hoffmann, Chad and Ilona Oppenheim, Carlos Betancourt, Iran Issa Kahn, Elizabeth and Alfredo Beracasa, Marisa Toccin, Ferne Toccin, Merle and Danny Weiss, Vivianne Kurzweil, Dana Shear, Alison and Mark Zhuk, Sanford and Dolores Ziff, Norma Quintero and Chef Michelle Bernstein.

The party culminated with a Rubix's Cube birthday cake and D'Annunzio and Antoni's friends pushing the birthday boys away from their own cake so they could blow out the candles (this made no sense to me). Shortly after, the '80s tracks gave way to hip hop and the party goers began scattering into the night. Most migrated on to Electric Pickle or the Calendar Release party for the Miami Dolphins. I rolled home solo (someone, call me).